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Posted on 3/27/2017 by Martin Schoolkate

Superb achievement of 60 years loyal service in a masonic career acknowledged by Durham Mark Master Masons.

Charles Vickers Scott had a double celebration this day on the 21rd March 2017. First of all, Charles has a family party to celebrate his 90th birthday and then he is to be presented with his 60th Certificate by the PGM at his Lodge meeting in the evening. This incredibly active brother has been a Mark Master Mason for 60 years, and he has provided ample proof that going through the Chairs is not the only way to contribute to the development and life of a Lodge or the Province. Bro.Scott and his fellow Founders extended Mark Masonry in Durham by bringing it to Dunston and giving it a fine home. Indeed, Charles Scotts father was the builder of the Temple in Dunston and Charles remembers helping his dad with some of the building work after he had finished his day at school. 

This fine and distinguished legacy was recognised with the presentation of the 60 year Certificate on behalf of the Grand Master by the PGM, VWBro.Prof Denovan K.Wilson. He followed this with the announcement of a promotion for Bro.Scott, with immediate effect, to Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. 

Congratulations Charles from all the brethren and a very happy birthday as well !!

During the meeting of the Ambrose Crowley Lodge of MMM No.1269 on this same special evening the lodge Advanced Bro.AJ Morton in an excellent ceremony.

             Ambrose Crowley Lodge together with Charles V. Scott,  A J Morton and the PGM.  

                               Danny Guy          Frank Rankin     Charles Scott           Denovan K. Wilson 

Distinguished and long masonic career of Charles Vickers Scott,

In the Craft he was initiated in the Liddell Lodge no.3616 on the 24th March 1949, passed on the 28th April 1949, and raised on the 26th May 1949. 

He joined Crowley Lodge no.6901 0n the 17th February 1950 and became it’s Worshipful Master in 1957.

In 1966, Charles was a founder member of the Old Dunelmian Lodge no. 8100, and in 1999 he was again a founder member of another lodge, the Dunston St.Nicholas no. 9712.

He was honoured with promotion in the Craft to ProvGSupt Wks in 1966,  PPJGW in 1991, and PPSGW in 2005.

Charles was Exalted in the Liddell Chapter no.3616 on the 27th March 1956 and Z on the 28th January 1964. 

He became a ProvGrand Standard Bearer in 1970 and PPGSN in 1988.

In the Mark Degree Charles was advanced in Industry Mark Lodge no.293 on the 4th March 1957.

In 1962 he was again a founder member of a lodge, this time it was the Ambrose Crowley Lodge no.1269, he became Treasurer of the lodge from 1962 to 1971.

He was appointed Provincial Grand Steward in 1974.

The Ambrose Crowley Lodge celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary on the 19th November 2002, and Charles had the great pleasure and honour of being able to give a short history of the Ambrose Crowley Lodge. During the Risings, the then PGM complimented Bro.Scott for his rendition of the lodge history, and for his service to the lodge, he then promoted Bro.Scott with immediate effect to the Rank of Past Provincial Grand Junior Deacon. 

In 2007 Bro.Scott was presented by the then PGM with his 50 year certificate and also a Silver Mark Token to mark this special occasion in his long masonic career.


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