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Castle Eden Installation

Posted on 5/26/2019 by in South

Castle Eden Install their new Worshipful Master in style and with a family flavour

Castle Eden Lodge of MMM No. 930, on a warm spring evening, gave an equally warm welcome to some 24 brethren which included the Representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master, William Sinclair Malcolm, who was accompanied by Ken Robson.

The brethren saw Steven Graham Hicks Installed as the new Worshipful Master of the Castle Eden Lodge in an excellent and sincere ceremony in which several brethren made a contribution by assisting the lodge.

There was a nice moment during the meeting when the Worshipful Master had not only invested his son as the Inner Guard of the lodge but was also able to present his son with his Grand Lodge Certificate and congratulate him and gave his best wishes for his future Mark career.

The evening continued at the festive board when the newest member of the lodge Steven Hicks Junior had the honour of toasting his father as the new Worshipful Master. He thanked his father for all he had taught him in life as well helping him with his Masonic career.

Steven also told the brethren that he is looking forward to his wedding and move into their new home, a busy time ahead for this new Mark Master Mason!

Another great meeting at Castle Eden Masonic Hall enjoyed by the brethren and they look forward to a visit by the Provincial Grand Master and his Officers on 24 July 2019.

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