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Cestria Lodge of MMM No. 1151

Posted on 17/03/2019 by in East

At their meeting in Chester - Le - Street on the 5th March 2019 we saw a very well attended meeting welcome W.Bro. Neil Marshall and the brethren of the George Washington Mark Lodge No.1626 on the occasion of their Fraternal Visit to Cestria.

Also at the meeting was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. David N. Hanson, PAGDC and his D of C , W.Bro. Gary Quinn, PGStwd,PPJGW,ProvDGDC.

WBro. David Hanson, escorted by Provincial Officers of Durham, was welcomed into the lodge with a very warm greeting by the Worshipful Master who hoped he and all the brethren would enjoy the evening.! 

The candidate for Advancement, Bro. Stephen Foster, was present and looking forward to the ceremony. Bro. Stephen joined the Cestria Craft Lodge No.4493 in 1985 and he is presently the Senior Deacon. Having worked oversees for many years and after encouragement and persuasion by the Cestrian brethren, Stephen finally decided that he was able and eager to be Advanced as a Mark Master Mason. ! 

What also greatly helped him to decide was the presentation at the lodge’s April meeting of the “ 4th Step In The Mark”. There were six guest brethren at this presentation and so far four of them have taken the step to join the Mark Degree.!

This evening, Bro. Foster will be the third candidate to be Advanced in the Cestria Mark Lodge No. 1151, who were in that group of six.

The ceremony conducted by the brethren was of the highest standard, which was very much appreciated and acknowledged by the Deputy PGM afterwards.

The excellent festive board concluded this wonderful evening in Chester - Le - Street  the future of the lodge as evidenced by the attendance is well assured.

Report submitted by WBro Martin Schoolkate.

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