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It was a scorcher at Castle Eden Mark Lodge

Posted on 7/26/2019 by in South

Summer has arrived and on this lovely evening the temperature was warm, very WARM! This was echoed by the warmth of the welcome extended to the visiting brethren to the Castle Eden Mark Lodge on this day.

The lodge was the host for the Provincial Grand Master and a deputation of Provincial Officers and also a Fraternal visit by the Ravensworth Mark Lodge.
The lodge room soon filled up to capacity with nearly every seat taken and brethren struggled to keep cool with so many bodies in the room.
With so many present, the procession by the PGM into the lodge room was even more impressive and this was acknowledged with spontaneous applause by everyone there.
At the festive board the Provincial Grand Master, Prof. Denovan Wilson mentioned that this was only the second time he had received a round of applause when walking down the lodge room on a Provincial visit.
He thanked the brethren for this and feels it showed how much the members enjoyed their masonry. He also mentioned that the sight of a full car park took him back so many years to how things used to be and tonight it proved to be so again with an excellent meeting in the company of so many brethren. The fact that all the chairs were occupied by Castle Eden brethren with several newer members active on the floor was acknowledged by the PGM and he feels it bodes well for the future of the lodge which is wonderful to see.

During the meeting the work of the lodge was an explanation of the Mark Tracing Board which was ably presented and beautifully illustrated with large clear images on the screen. The presenters were Nigel Fallow, Tony Armstrong, Gordon Thornton, and Alan Reardon.

An incredibly warm evening concluded in good cheer and harmony and brethren were glad to enjoy the cool evening breeze in the car park before setting off for home.

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