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Posted on 2/14/2017 by Martin Schoolkate

50th certificate for dedicated service to Masonry


 The Steadfast Mark Lodge No.846 together with The Dep.Prov.GM, VWBro.Danny Guy,PGJO, congratulate WBro.Peter W.Smailes,PAGDC,PPrGJW, on his 50 years dedicated service.

THE STEADFAST MARK LODGE NO. 846 in Darlington, enjoyed a busy night on the first of February 2017. The WM, WBro.Andrew D.Watson extended a very warm welcome to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro.Danny Guy,PGJO and the Provincial Team. After the usual Courtesies and Salutes had been exchanged the WM invited WBro.Donald Marshall,PGStdB,PPrGJW, to give a talk entitled " The influence of the Mark Mariner's Degree on English Freemasonry".  This very interesting lecture was suberbly delivered by WBro.D.Marshall and the brethren showed their appreciation for his excellent work and diligent preparation which gave everyone a deeper knowledge of Mark and Mariner Masonry.  After the talk, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro.Danny Guy,PGJO presented the 50 Year Certificate to WBro.Peter W.Smailes,PAGDC,PPrGJW, after a reading of it by the Provincial Grand Secretary WBro.Trevor Lynn,PPrGMO.


   Dep.Prov.GM, VWBro.Danny Guy,PGJO   WBro.PeterW.Smailes,PAGDC,PPrGJW   WBro. Andrew D.Watson,WM 


       WBr.Donald Marshall,PGStdB,PPrGJW ( Presenter of Talk ) and WBro.PeterW.Smailes,PAGDC,PPrGJW ( 50th Certificate )

WBro.Peter W.Smailes,PAGDC,PPrGJW, was conscripted into the Royal Navy to do his National Service around the mid 1950’s and on his demob he tried several vocations including Encyclopedia salesman,Dental technician with his Father and eventually into teaching at the Avenue School at Newton Aycliffe. A profession he held until he retired.

Peter was initiated as a Lewis into the Marquess of Ripon Craft Lodge on 14 March 1957, and will be celebrating 60 years in the Craft next month, another wonderful achievement. He was Master in 1971, awarded provincial Rank of PPrGReg in 1981 and promoted to PPrGJW in 2011.He was exalted into Darlington Royal Arch Chapter 1978, was Z in 1993 and The Chapter Scribe E from1999 - 2003. He was awarded PPrGReg in 1998, and promoted to PPrGSN in 2004.Peter was advanced into Steadfast Mark Lodge No.846 on 1 February 1967 and has therefore completed 50 years service to the day. He was Master in 1982, was awarded Provincial Rank of PrGReg 1987,Promoted to PPrGJW in 1990 and PAGDC in 1997.

An excellent and fine Masonic Career of which WBro.Peter W.Smailes,PAGDC,PPrGJW, can be justly proud, and is now properly commemorated with the presentation of his 50 years Certificate.

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