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Unity Lodge mark D-Day

Posted on 08/06/2019 by in East

Unity Lodge of Mark Master Masons remembered the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings after they welcomed a new member to the Lodge.

On the 6th, June 2019 in Seaham, on a glorious sunny evening with a beautiful view of the sea and coastline, the Brethren of the Unity Mark Lodge gathered for their meeting in the Seaham Masonic Hall.  They had a special occasion to look forward to, apart from getting the keys to enable entry into the Hall, which did arrive, thankfully.  No, the real reason was the happy occasion of being able to welcome a joining member to the Unity Lodge in the person of Graeme William Telford, he is also a member of the Castle Eden Mark Lodge.

W.Bro. Telford was proposed by the Master, Joe Higginbottom and seconded by Alan Ruddell and they together with all the brethren present welcomed Graeme into the lodge. Graeme thanked the brethren for accepting him as a member and told them how much he appreciated this warm and friendly lodge and the wonderful Masonic Hall where they meet. He looks forward to being active in the lodge and will do his very best for the lodge.

During the meeting the Worshipful Master rose and read out a moving tribute to the 75th D-Day Anniversary of the Normandy landings. The brethren stood to attention in remembrance of the fallen and in particular those fellow brethren who served on that day. A fitting tribute to the events which happened on the day 75 years ago.

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